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Picture of 3D PRINTING
12 h

About this training

Top Performance Skills in 3D Printing

The innovation and added value of this 3D Printing course relies on the fact that it covers fields not covered by other frameworks, namely concerning soft skills identified as 3D Printing experts as being of major relevance for the top performers in the field.

Being 3D Printing exclusively oriented, flexibility is increased not only because learners can access the course at their own pace but also because they will become more flexible on their area of expertise as well.

At the end of the training the learner should be able to:

  • easily interact with the 3D printing client being able to understand the client's needs and to foreseen adequate and optimized solutions;
  • proceed with the adequation of the final aimed printing piece and the best printing solutions available;
  • re-print a given piece to a better printing solution for the given case, in due respect for the printer's parameters optimization.


APLOAD - Coordinator and Consortium Partner in the project "Under Construction – Key Skills Making Top Professionals in Construction and Habitat 4.0’"

Contact with the provider: 

APLOAD - Address: Rua Dr Augusto Martins, N 90, 2 Andar, Sala 4, 4470-145 Maia - PORTUGAL



Free of charge


3D Printing


EQF Level 4


English & Portuguese

Learning organisation:

  • E-Learning Course with 12 Training Units
  • 3 Pillars; 2 training modules per pillar; 2 training units per module;
  • The average duration of 3 hours per training module, all-inclusive (preparation, training, gaining practice, recalling learned contents, solving assessment exercises);
  • Tutorial support 1:N
  • Cooperative social support;
  • Asynchronous communication.

Conditions of Participation:

The course can be participated by any user in the possession of access credentials to the e-learning platform. The examination is based on self-reflective situations and suggestions for tasks to be implemented in a real environment (in-room classes; work environment, etc).

No financial resources are required. Physical and digital resources are required such as access to a computer and to the Internet. To have access to a 3D Printer and to required software should be equated in order to facilitate the implementation of processes, but this is an assumption of this course, as it is intended for 3D-Printing professionals and VET learners.

Certificate acquisition:

 Passing a final examination.