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8 weeks

About this training

Top Performance Skills in Carpentry

This training will focus especially on personal competences, namely in the field of interpersonal relationships and creative... Technical knowledge in the area of materials and new technical solutions will also be dealt with. By the end of the training, you will have acquired technical knowledge allowing you to find new aesthetical solutions and new ways of working. You will also have obtained knowledge relating to teamwork, interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution.


CICCOPN - Consortium Partner in the project "Under Construction – Key Skills Making Top Professionals in Construction and Habitat 4.0’"

Contact wih the provider: 

CICCOPN - Centro de Formação Profissional da Indústria da Construção Civil e Obras Públicas do Norte

Rua de Espinhosa – 4475-699 Avioso S. Pedro - PORTUGAL



Free of charge




EQF Level 2 - 4


English & Portuguese

Learning organisation:

  • E-Learning Course with 22 Training Units including documents, videos and several online assessments.
  • Autonomous and flexible self-study according to a predefined learning sequence with free time management.
  • Asynchronous communication may be possible in the event of doubts arising in relation to the subjects being studied.   

Conditions of Participation:

This e-learning course is designed for individuals already in the trade, who  possess the minimal knowledge in the area of carpentry but feel the need for updating that knowledge in the areas to be studied. No previous experience will be necessary in terms of autonomous learning, but the trainees should have at least basic knowledge in ICT usage, as well as motivation for autonomous study. Access to a computer and internet will be required.

Certificate acquisition:

 Passing a final examination.