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24 weeks (beginners) 4 hours (professional)

About this training

Top Performance Skills in Bricklaying 

This training course in the field of bricklaying emphasizes on the competence areas of thinking, interpersonal communication and technical skills.

  • The course explains very practical the profession of bricklayer in restauration
  • It draws attention to hardskills and sofskills (communication, planning, technical skills etc.) but also new products in the bricklaying industry
  • To deal professionally with small and medium sized projects
  • Social learning is embedded in the system where you have the possibility to learn from other learner.
  • The learner have the possibility to learn in the work situation with support e-learning and project examples.


MERK - Consortium Partner in the project "Under Construction – Key Skills Making Top Professionals in Construction and Habitat 4.0’"

Contact with the provider: 

MERK - Lamoraalstraat 1, 1815 DN, Alkmaar – THE NETHERLANDS



Free of charge




EQF Level 3- 4


English & Dutch 

Learning organisation:

The offer is completely digital and accessible via the internet, there are possibilities to download parts by means of a PDF. The intention is not to use a manual, only via the F1 key (help function) for the subject in question.

A manual will only be developed for the instructor/coach. Support is provided by the trainer/guide of the company. The candidate is responsible for input of his or her progress testing within the company. Synchronous communication such as social learning where the question is directly visible to the instructor and coach of the company.

Conditions of Participation:

The course is mainly intended for students who do not have a diploma in the professional field. However, this e-learning course assumes that companies will include this as part of their training programme and provide on-site mentoring for candidates.

Before the training programme is started, a diagnostic entrance test is used to determine whether the learning programme (interest and level) is suitable for the candidate. In consultation with his or her company and supervisor, the candidate uses self-tests to monitor the progress of the learning in practice.

After performing the e-learning program, the candidate can perform a final test at the company.

Certificate acquisition:

 Passing a final examination.